About Us

Our Mission

The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation serves economically vulnerable mothers and babies by increasing access to much-needed health care support, conducting research to affect systemic change, and ensuring they have the supplies needed to bring baby home. In honor of Jennifer Lawson, a loving mother of three who tragically lost her life in 2014, we aim to honor her dedication, generosity, and kind heart by fulfilling the vision that she crafted for every mother and baby in need.

Our Vision

We envision a community where every mother and newborn child receives the support they need to thrive every day of the year.

High-quality maternal and infant care should be accessible to all women and babies, as should a support system allowing them to thrive. We believe that support includes addressing wrap-around needs, supplying baby items, conducting research, funding innovative programs, and raising community awareness.

Our Values

Collaboration and Inclusivity: We strive to create a community that works together to ensure every mother and newborn child receives the support they need to thrive – regardless of race, color, creed, or economic status.

Integrity and Transparency: We honor the families we serve by being socially and financially responsible.

Creativity and Innovation: We embrace challenging the status quo to create change through grant making, research, and community partnerships.

Our Culture

We’ve seen the affect of how inflexible work schedules can make it difficult for families to attend to their health and other critical needs. Because of that, we strive to live our values by placing importance on workplace flexibility through dynamic work schedules and prioritizing telework for our staff, contractors and volunteers.

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