D.C. Finally Establishes a Committee to Address Maternal Deaths (Washington City Paper)

Following her attendance at the Feb. 13 panel on “Disrupting Maternal Mortality: Innovative Solutions to a Growing Crisis” that JB-LF, Huge Inc. and Duke in DC co-hosted, Washington City Paper reporter Kayla Randall dove into the issue. Her March 13 article on DC’s newly formed maternal mortality task force shares follow-up on the conversations and connections made at the event, including this one:

“At a panel on maternal health this February, [Dorie] Nolt stood up and told her story as a diverse room full of women thanked her for sharing it. A staffer at Councilmember Allen’s office was present at the panel, and approached Nolt about possibly serving as a lived-experience committee member. But she says the mayor’s office told her that she didn’t fit the description in the legislation because she hadn’t lost a loved one to maternal mortality.”

Read the full article, and watch Dorie sharing her story at our event here:


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