Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer was an incredible woman, a caring and gentle friend to many, a dedicated wife, and a devoted mother. Her mission to help mothers and babies grew from her own complicated pregnancies. Each of her children—Cooper, Booker, and Sadie—arrived prematurely and required critical NICU care for the first days of their lives.

Jennifer had complicated pregnancies, but was fortunate to have high-quality medical care. She became deeply concerned that other mothers did not have access to the same quality medical care. After her third pregnancy, Jennifer started to take action. She researched and backed local NICU support organizations while putting together her own vision.

On February 24, 2014, Jennifer lost her life in a tragic traffic accident while volunteering at Nottingham Elementary School. The Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation is an extension of Jennifer’s passion. Through the Foundation, we aim to honor her dedication, generosity, and kind heart by fulfilling the vision that she crafted for every mother and baby in need.