Research and Innovation

Too many moms aren’t able to access the kind of care they want — and deserve — for themselves and their babies. In Arlington County, VA, 1 in 3 births in the county lacked care in the first trimester — a number that is worse than the state average.

The Jennifer Bush-Lawson takes a two prong approach to changing these numbers by conducting research and funding innovative programs that increase access to care.


We conduct research with our community to learn about their journey and inform long-term change. Arlington has a wealth of resources for its residents, yet data still shows that the percentage of women who start receiving prenatal care in the first trimester in the county has consistently fallen below the state average.

In 2022, we will began a multi-phase project that fully reviews the state of maternal health for low income women in Arlington to help illuminate where additional needs exist countywide. This project will include a needs assessment, benchmark analysis, and recommendation development.


We have a long history of funding projects that utilize innovative practices to increase access to health care for low-income moms.