4 Questions with Elizabeth Ingram

This post is part of a series where we pose questions on issues related to maternal and infant care for vulnerable populations to health professionals, community advocates, mothers, JBLF volunteers and other important voices. 

Elizabeth Ingram is on the Board of Directors and serves as the race director for our annual 5K and Family Fun Day. She’s also an amazing volunteer outside of the 5K.

1.    What do you see as JB-LF’s biggest accomplishment to date?  

The impact of The Telemedicine Program is a huge bright spot for the Foundation. The fact that women can receive care without leaving work or home is so important. In addition, the fact that the Mom’s served by this program saw such a huge reduction in NICU admissions, 61%, and 25% reduction in C-sections is amazing.

2.    Has anything surprised you?

The continued support of this amazing community leaves me in awe each year….7 years later and it feels like the first time. People of all ages and walks of lives support the work of the Foundation through donations of time and money.  I love that for the past few years a young girl has asked friends and family to donate to The JB-LF as their birthday gifts to her.

3.    What is your favorite part of our 5K?

The people!  I love seeing the smiling faces so eager to run what may be the hilliest 5k course in Arlington. I love seeing friends and neighbors come out for the event year after year. I can’t wait for this year’s race!

4.    What are people surprised to find out about you?

I guess people would be surprised to know that I have run 5 marathons and 7 Ragnar relays.  My racing days are behind me, but I love to cheer other runner especially at the JB-LF 5k.

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