Patient Profile: Cora

This post is part of a series where we highlight the lives of the moms we serve. Specifically we want to bring a face to the complex issues we have begun addressing in this blog – such as Medicare.

All stories are compilations from conversations with actual patients and additional research. To protect identities, we have used stock photos.

By Lindsey Hill, Intern

In a previous profile, we described how the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation helped an Arlington mom named Julie. Here is a story of how JB-LF and its contributors provided assistance to another mom during her pregnancy. After delivering her firstborn, Cora had a life-threatening blood clot – putting her in high risk during subsequent pregnancies. So when Cora became pregnant with her second child she was not only concerned for her baby, Cora was also anxious about her own health and being on medications to prevent blood clots.

With this high risk pregnancy, Cora needed regular check-ins with her physician to monitor her condition and the medications she would be on. On top of it all, going to routine doctor appointments seemed virtually impossible under the threat of firing due to missing work. How could Cora choose between her health and making money to support her family’s needs for basic food and shelter? Cora’s situation was further complicated by a lack of health insurance.

The telemedicine initiative funded by JBLF made it possible for Cora to consult with her physician from work. Now, she would not have to sacrifice her health or her job because JB-LF’s program could offer Cora weekly telemedicine visits. Cora could step into a closet at her job and connect with her doctors using her phone. This allowed Cora to have her questions and concerns answered on the spot.

With the help of the Jennifer Bush-Lawson Foundation and its contributors, Cora was able to stay in contact with her health care providers while continuing to provide for her family. JBLF’s telemedicine pilot program was revolutionary for Cora’s pregnancy. Thanks to the program, JB-LF, and all who contribute to the foundation, Cora and her baby are doing well today. 

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