Fred and Fiona support the JB-LF

Fred and Fiona support the JB-LF!

Fuzzy blue monsters support JB-LF! We are thrilled to announce that local authors, Renu, Natasha, and Serena Mansukhani are donating a portion of profits from their recently published children’s book to the foundation.

back-coverFred and Fiona: Fuzzy Blue Monsters with Finicky Fur is a silly story, with throwback humor. In their first book, Renu and her daughters introduce readers to twin, friendly, fuzzy monsters with well…finicky fur! What does that mean? They have more fur than they can handle. Find out what happens when they turn their fur trouble into trouble for Mommy. Hilariously illustrated by David Kcenich, this bedtime story is a great read for children and parents alike!

You can purchase on Amazon or other on-line retailers. You can also get more info on Fred and Fiona at If you are in the DMV, and would like an autographed copy at a discount, please e mail


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